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Multimedia storytelling through animation and comics

Kunwari, Tagalog for “make believe,” is a multimedia story questioning society’s rapidly growing relationship with media and our shallow obsessions with the people we choose to idolize: people hidden behind “masks.” The story is set in a city that blindly worships their idol, Kimera, an amalgamation of influential figures (i.e. political, religious, and celebrities) based on the chimera, an imaginary creature from mythology representing the idealistic.


Kunwari discusses the media’s ability to highlight and/or erase cultural identities, to hide painful truths behind smiles and lies, and to exploit people and resources for ulterior motives or personal gain. Kunwari implores its audience to question the authenticity of what is shown on the screens, to be skeptical of who is truly in power, and to be wary of the tragic consequences of our blind idolization.

Stories & Projects: Kunwari
Stories & Projects: AAA


A trifecta of anecdotes exploring social identity

Three short stories about three defining parts of me: a college student studying art and design (Arty), an immigrant who feels out-of-place in both her new and “home” country (Amihan), and a girl who is terrible at being “girly” (Aria). They struggle with expectations and learn how to deal with their issues in their own ways. Each story is a journey of self-discovery and identity, exploring how it feels not to fit in and how it feels to belong. These three stories were digitally illustrated, then printed into three booklets named after each main character: Arty, Amihan, and Aria. I created the book covers and bound the books by hand. In order to demonstrate the importance of getting to know someone for who they are and not judge a book by their cover, each book is unidentifiable on the outside — only by reading their story will we find out who they are.

Stories & Projects: KIN


Book Arts & Comics | Winter 2018

Kin, a magical breed of shapeshifting deer, are hunted for their shimmering gold pelt, golden antlers, and tears of gold, testing the limits of mankind’s greed. This greed leads to overhunting, a rapidly declining Kin population, and deforestation, clearing the forests in an attempt to chase the Kin out of hiding.


Kin is a 15-page story that showcases the cruelty of mankind’s greed, and how it destroys the land and the creatures that inhabit it.



3D Modeling & Character Design | Fall 2018

Snow Angel revolves around the world of the arctic, where anthropomorphic “snow angels” live peacefully on their mother, Glacia, a massive ice sheet.  Through the snow angels’ daily lives, the dangers of rising global temperatures and their harmful effects on the arctic ecosystem become more apparent. Snow Angel explores the feeling of loneliness, childlike innocence, and invites viewers to act on the current state of the planet.

Stories & Projects: Snow Angel
Stories & Projects: Diwata


Graphic Narratives / Comics | Fall 2017

Diwata, meaning “fairy tale” or “folklore” in Tagalog, follows an estranged girl who feels disconnected from the world she is living in due to her power to see the mythical world of Philippine folklore. Fearing the disbelief and disapproval of her colleagues, Amihan chooses to keep her power a secret.


Diwata is a 25-page comic that explores the feeling of loneliness, even among friends and colleagues, and the desire to feel needed and have a presence in the world.



Intersections | Winter 2016

This project was a study of “the artist behind the work.” I focused on my surroundings after learning what an important role it plays in my life and creative work.


Recreating the wonder of my experience as a freshman in college through a trifecta of colorful illustrations, I found inspiration in mid-century children’s books to demonstrate the whimsy of my fledgling college career. With locations in mind, I wanted to recreate the three places in which I spent the most time: my apartment, my jobs, and my school.

Stories & Projects: Intersections
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