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Kaizen Health is a healthcare tech company providing accessibility to affordable medical transportation. As their design intern, I expanded on my knowledge and skills in UI/UX design, HTML and CSS, and creative marketing development through graphic design, motion graphics, and social media content.

Rider Profile Redesigns

Kaizen Health is a ride scheduling platform used by medical facilities and caretakers for people lacking accessibility to transportation. Through our platforms, more patients are able to attend their appointments and access important healthcare resources.


The platform relies on UI/UX design to facilitate this process. The profile is the page designed for patients and riders who require these services.

UI/UX Challenges

Each redesign needed to showcase the same information about the patient, their ride history, their contact information, as well as analytics on their overall costs and credits attributed to them through their healthcare services.

It needed to be clean and navigable for users, so every iteration focused on the presentation of the same information in different layouts and visual hierarchy. My goal was to neatly present the information to the user.

Graphic Designs & Mockups

Fall 2019 - Summer 2020

As a design intern, I visualized and collaborated on designs for Kaizen Health's tradeshow booths as well as various mockups and presentations. These designs focus on translating Kaizen Health's visual branding.


The app design mockup serves as a preliminary demo for Kaizen Health's own mobile app, and draws inspiration from existing ride-share apps, with the necessary functions of Kaizen's platform.


The RapidThe City of Grand Rapids' public transit, has partnered with Kaizen Health and Disability Advocates of Kent County to help expand mobility options, launching a 6-month pilot program for GO!Bus riders.

We designed their new logo and refreshed their branding with a cohesive look and feel.