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Moriumius is a Japanese learning facility whose mission is to revitalize Ogatsu, Japan after the devastating 2011 earthquake and tsunami.

At Moriumius, I developed my skills in videography and creative marketing development, visualizing their environmental practices in sustainability by filming and editing promotional videos and designing program posters and brochures to enhance their marketing towards more international audiences.


Summer 2018

Moriumius has a summer program dedicated to students, introducing them to traditional fishing practices in rural Japan while focusing on the importance of environmental sustainability. The program includes fun outdoor activities that everyone can enjoy, while imparting knowledge about the environment and important life lessons on cooking and cleaning, which the students actively take part in during their stay.

Brochure Design

Summer 2018

As an intern, I developed my design skills

in creative marketing through projects promoting their programs. It was key to incorporate essential information with international audiences in mind, while upholding the visual branding of Moriumius in the design.


Language was especially important, as it bridges the gap between people who find the language barrier to be the main obstacle.


Summer 2018

MORIUMIUS Summer Program W3
MORIUMIUS Summer Program W1
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